New Training Board at Craig MacLean Sports Centre – Grantown.

We just finished a wee job at the Grantown Craig MacLean Sports Centre that adds a missing dimension to the roped wall we built in 2010. The centre just wanted a new section of board that fitted in with the existing structure and the traverse wall so that they could hang the Rock Works fingerboards they pre-purchased. Nice bit of work – shame about the fingerboards….. Not our choice… But at least it works. We added a few simple foot rungs to make it easier for the kiddies to finish it off. Great little place to train now though! 6 Ropes – Plenty of Angles and 8.5 metres high. Worth a visit if in the area.



Dream Climbing Walls Build Amazing Home Training Gyms

We got very carried away last week and built the ultimate home training facility in a back garden. How about a fully functional gym with quality CV Equipment and Weights, Dip Bars, the lot, set up with a neat little home climbing and bouldering wall. Fully insulated and heated in a purpose built timber clad building. Fancy one of these, give us a call or email us!

Proper Home Training for Climbing Facilities have just landed….

Orkney Pickaquoy Indoor Climbing Wall Complete

We just finished the main climbing wall at the Pickaquoy Leisure Centre in Orkney. We will be returning in a few weeks to start work on their Bouldering Wall. More a 360 degree Bouldering Cave with a Campus Board. They now have over 18 independent lead and bottom rope lines with an insane diversity of angles to play on.

The main feature is a massive geodesic dome that overhangs 7.5 metres in 9! It is an unrelenting barrel and sure to produce some very strong climbers in the coming years. The Orkney Climbing Club now have a spectacular new home after over a year with no wall, and prior to that a very outdated stone wall with bolt on holds in wall fixings. With long history of climbing on the Island and having one of the most sought after ‘prizes’ on every climbers tick list ‘The Old Man of Hoy’. This wall is sure to enhance climbing on the Island and will offer an excellent retreat for those stormed off the routes outside.

Although the Orkney Climbing Club collectively put in a huge effort to realize this dream over many years. Don Husband and Ian Rendall drove it forward relentlessly and have succeeded in leaving a legacy that will span generations.

We can’t wait to get back for phase two and climb on the wall with the club.

Thanks to all for all the friendly help we got during the build and to get the opportunity in the first place! Thanks go to all the centre staff and in particular Kieran Henderson and Mark Harrison.

Alan Kimber – Bunkhouse Bouldering

Bunkhouse Bouldering at Alan Kimbers

West Coast Mountain Guides – Fortwilliam

Alan is a great guy and one of the Big names from the Pioneering Golden days on Ben Nevis. He is a UIAGM Guide and Guidebook writer and he was very kind in the early days when I was trying to attain my MIC. He gave me quite a bit of work on Ben Nevis and I had some very memorable days up their doing the classic’s with his customers. I will never forget the enormous bowls of Porridge he and Nick would munch through before a big day out – he sore that was all he needed all day…. So it was with great pleasure I got asked back to complete this fantastic project for him. Alan is a man of great ambition and this project turned his business into a proper Outdoor Centre – with even more accommodation, a lecture room AND a great little bouldering wall. Alan’s climbing wall is open to the public so if you are in the Fort stop by for a quick session – plenty of steepness and it is still route set by Dave MacLeod. When Dave was in the Fort it was one of his main hiding places… Have fun!

It was one of the first ever Bouldering Facilities we ever made. Here are some shots of before and after!

Welcome to our NEW Website

Welcome to our New Website

It has been a real adventure getting to this point! And the journey has taken us to some fantastic parts of the UK. Especially Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. I wonder if the people who put up these stones up ever considered how Artificial Climbing Structures would look today! – maybe they were mad keen ¬†boulderer’s and Callanish was the first ever boulder park. LOL

We have been so busy over the last few years with so many amazing projects that there just hasn’t been the time to get our new website live. At last we have some great images to show you and some fantastic new climbing holds and training ranges on the way very soon in our online shop. They have been cooking for over a year with so many great changes and 206 shapes across 20+ Ranges. Pictures coming soon!

Right now we are on Orkney building a fantastic new Lead Wall for the Pickaquoy Leisure Centre. Once this is finished, we will be back 6 weeks later to build them a bouldering wall and then at the new Kirkwall Grammar, a new 8 roped Lead Wall! The new wall at the Pickaquoy will be one of the most impressive climbing stuctures in the Country for its size.

At Strathdearn Primary we are building them a new Fibreglass Boulder and we have some reinstatement works for Glasgow Caledonian University – so we got loads going on.

Please get in touch with your ideas and project – We look forward to hearing from you and hope you like the new site. Why not sign up for our newsletter and keep up with our developments.

Happy Climbing!