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A Home Training Wall is the key to long term growth and development through the grades. Once its installed you have no travel, no access issues and very little extra cost, as using it is free. You can crank into the small hours or until you run out of skin. You can change the routes as often as you like, to as hard as you like . A home training wall is a must have for every climber! Come out of the cave next year as a proper honed beast!

Our Home Climbing and Training Walls are Designed, Manufactured and Installed with the same care and attention to detail as our full size roped climbing and bouldering walls. With our Home Training facilities we can offer a very bespoke service to meet your budget. Right down to supplying the components for you to come and pick them up! If you just want CNC’d T Nutted Plywood you got it!

If you want a fully finished Masterpiece, you got it!

The two Dream Training Walls shown here have been designed and installed for (at the time of installation) Scottish members of / or aspirant members of the British Junior Climbing Team. There is everything they need in a very small space. We didn’t want to spoil their fun and put the holds on for them. They were far to keen to let us do that. But we can do as much OR as little as you like. This talented young athlete Gabriela Stewart’s new training wall.

When you involve Dream Climbing Walls in your home project, we provide you with 3D Illustrations that give you a good picture of what to expect, we can then make changes until you have a fixed design we can manufacture.

From Drawing to Reality for William and Alexander Bosi from Edinburgh. In the image below they are standing below their newly finished 45 wall and hrs of fun route setting ahead.

Technical Indoor Climbing and Training Holds


Once you have built your own home training wall, you will need some great holds and training aids. Dream Climbing Holds and  Dream Training Holds are an essential. Our range of 206 shapes offer very technical route setting opportunities to get you ready for routes outside whilst out Training Range has holds that are not available anywhere else.

Soon you will be able to go to our Dream Climbing Holds and Dream Training Holds pages to find out more.

What we are very good at is Maximising Materials to Minimise loss. Which means you don’t waste time and money unnecessarily. Ready when you are!