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 “If your not falling, Your not trying Hard Enough”

Good Quality Safety Surfaces can help prevent serious accidents, but they cannot stop them. Only through good spotting, climbing within personal limits and by climbing down from routes to a safer jumping height, can accidents really be reduced.

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However, well designed, constructed Bouldering Mats, Articulated Indoor Climbing Wall Matting and Wet Pour Rubber Crumb OR Crumb Tiles can make a big difference to the outcome of a bad or unexpected fall.

That’s why we make no compromise in the quality of materials we use. All our fall surfaces are Custom made for your wall and custom selected to be exactly the right surface to protect you and your users. Due to the endless variety of circumstances and locations, sizes of wall and demands on halls each project needs priced separately.

Scott Grosdanoff Falling off Bouldering Wall

In terms of EN BS12572 – Indoor Climbing Wall Fall Surfaces are NOT a requirement below a roped climbing wall. However they are strongly advised and the Association of British Climbing Walls make it part of becoming a member. Many ‘unfortunate’ climbers who have fallen from Indoor Climbing Walls have been ‘fortunate’ enough to have landed on some sort of safety surface and IT HAS saved their life or Severe personal injury! So with this in mind, we would like to present you with the surfaces we have on offer.

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Articulated Matting Perth Climbing Wall

Articulated Indoor Climbing Wall Matting

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Impact Crash Matting for Bouldering Walls

Rubber Crumb Broughton

EPDM Wet Pour Rubber Crumb

Rubber Crumb Tiles Perth

80mm Rubber Crumb Tiles

Grass Tiles Mats Spean Bridge

Grass Tiles / Grass Mats