Articulated Indoor Climbing Wall Matting


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We have designed a fantastic component based system that can be adapted to suit any new or old indoor climbing wall located in a gymnasium, games or sports hall. Our Matting is designed to be lifted easily into place off the floor. The matting hinges just below the indoor climbing wall where it meets the floor forming a continuous cover up to approx 1900mm.

This type of matting provides a small amount of fall protection to climbers traversing along the base of the wall with feet below 600mm. But it provides a lot of protection for other sportsmen and women participating in other sports in the same games hall. By articulating the matting up against the wall and securing it. The holds are well covered behind a protective layer of 50mm foam, that is itself covered with coloured Vinyl as a wear layer.

When the Articulated Climbing Wall Matting is clipped up, the matting also presents a barrier that prevents unwanted climbing on the wall without supervision. This is a great bonus in games and sports halls frequented by children or other hall users.