Secondary School Traverse Walls


Our Traverse Walls are a great value addition to any

PE Department

Traverse Walls are fantastic for Core, Standard and Higher Physical Education or GCSE Level and can be easily located into your Gymnasium or Sports Hall. You need very little space – Ideally 6 + Metres and they are relatively inexpensive to install.

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Torry Academy and School Climbing Walls

So that you can teach and coach on your wall, it is very important that you get the correct holds and have them set appropriately by an expert. We can provide additional support and training that will help you maximise your wall.

Invergordon High School Climbing Walls

If you cannot find space inside, then we can usually find a possibility outside on a free section of wall. We can design you a wall in timber or fix direct to the stone.

Baldragon School Traverse Wall

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