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Lagganlia Container Climbing Wall

We have had the opportunity to undertake some amazing project and here are two of the best uses of space you could ever imagine. Lagganlia Outdoor Centre, part of Edinburgh City Council, asked us to do something with the manky old storage container they had in the car park. The result was this Timber Structure. Built out of Pressure Treated FSC Boards, Stained great colours and covered in Screw On Holds, this fantastic facilty is a real show piece as you enter the gates of the centre. The end that is out of view still has working doors and inside is the centres equipment!

Dream Climbing Walls Lagganlia Container Wall

This is only the start of what we can do with a Container – get in touch if you would like use to design you something really special!

Container Climbing Walls Round 2 – The Naval Outdoor Centre in Germany

Problem: We need an indoor bouldering facility that we can move around easily – it has to be temporary structure that fits in with the forest surrounding and not look out of place beside the alpine chalet AND we need to be able to use it in the middle of an ‘Alpine Winter’!

Sounds Like a Job for Dream Climbing Walls!

Container Climbing Wall

Solution – Cut the roof off an old container – raise the roof. Fully insulate it to meet building standards. Fit full, certified electric hook up so it can be plugged into the mains of the building and has sockets, a heater, sound system, draft excluder, a double glazed window and front door, gearing up benches and of course last but not least. An INDOOR BOULDERING WALL!.

Container Climbing Wall

Finally – the whole project needs to be shipped to Germany on the Autobahn and all its tight regulations for sizes and dimensions!

The Result: An unbelievable Indoor Bouldering Facility – Yes the shots below are INSIDE the old shipping container! If you would like one of the for your home? Or shipped to any part of the world then please give us a call and we can discuss providing you with a Dream Climbing Walls Indoor Bouldering and Training Facility!

Container Climbing Wall

The Bouldering wall had a 45 degree back wall leading to a horizontal roof. The side walls varied in angle offering 360 degree climbing – of course with dimmable lighting…….

Container Climbing Wall

 I think that this project says everything that Dream Climbing Walls are about! Awesome projects – great solution – total function and every single part of the project completed to the very highest standard of finish and service possible, delivered on time and on budget. Call Now! 01479 812871