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Children having fun on climbing walls

This type of traverse wall is ideal for Primary and Secondary Schools – if you would like to learn more about Secondary School Walls please look at our specific page as we set them up differently for older children / young adults.

Direct Fix Walls are the easiest and most cost effective way of adding a climbing wall to your School Playground or House. Quite often we can complete them in a day depending on the size and complexity of them. We believe in providing you with a proper climbing facility that will allow you to learn climbing skills and techniques. Not just a piece of Play Equipment. However, fun is still at the heart of what we provide you with. On our walls we only use the best holds and fixings that comply with EN12572 Pt3.

Girl Guides The Wirral Traverse Wall

We use fantastic colours for maximum effect. Some Councils specify fall surfaces below our traverse walls, but some do not Рif you would like to know more about our fall surfaces please visit our Safety Surfaces Page. It is important that you maintain your wall annually to comply with Health and Safety regulations and of course protect your investment. This we can schedule this in, and do for you.

Comely Bank Primary

As Qualified Technical Experts we can advise on all aspects of your wall. We provide pull testing certification on the anchors with every wall we install. This ensures that the wall passes the hold insert test of EN12572 for Artificial Climbing Structures.

Glasgow Caledonian University Traverse Wall

There really is no limit to what is possible and we have completed so many hybrids and variations to suit so many budgets that it is impossible to show them all here on this page. Needless to say we have completed some fantastic walls for high profile customers such as Glasgow Caledonian University. In their student outdoor recreational area the Climbing Club asked us to design and construct a traverse wall they could actually train on. It turned out really well, with plenty of additional fixing points for holds, a great selection of technical holds under a protective roof.

Dyke Primary School Climbing Wall, Moray

Our Traverse walls are designed with success in mind – so everyone can gain in confidence and make good developmental progress, in the hope that some children find climbing so much fun they may decide to take climbing up as a sport, and go onto bigger indoor climbing centres. Primary School Traverse Walls are essential in forming the early Player Pathway! Put one in your school – give us a call or email with some basic dimensions and a few location photographs.