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Freestanding Traverse or Climbing Walls can go almost anywhere. Sometimes school do not have available wall space that is suitable for a Direct or Timber Fix Wall and so Freestanding is the only other option. With Freestanding Walls there is almost no end to the possibilities available. We have Designed, Manufactured and Installed Walls in Timber, HDPE Plastic and Fiberglass with huge success. Our Fibreglass Art Boulders are easily the best on the Market and we can make you virtually any shape or design. If you would like to see more of this type of wall visit out Fibreglass Boulder Page.

We were the first Traverse Wall Company to utilise HDPE Plastic!

HDPE plastic is a very tough resilient material which comes in many different colours. HDPE Sheets often have a different colour inside. This allows bespoke text / patterns or shapes to by CNC Routered into the face giving a great look. These Panels can be used to form freestanding traverse walls made entirly of HDPE Plastic or add a very long lasting feature to a Direct Fix Wall. HDPE is difficult to score and mark, easy to clean, low maintenance and hard to burn making them ideal for areas with a high chance of vandalism.

It is possible to make some very interesting and bright Climbing Structures with HDPE.

Pressure Treated FSC Timber is another excellent material to construct Freestanding Traverse Walls with, as it can be used to form very simple and cost effective structures with either Screw On Holds or added T Nut Hold fixing points. It is important to protect your investment and maintain your traverse wall annually. Timber Walls can easily be retreated.

Underneath Freestanding Traverse Walls and Climbing Walls it is important to have the correct fall surface for the height of the wall. The options available include Grass Tiles or mats where the grass acts and an impact layer with an additional protective 25mm tile with holes. This can allow for a more natural look beneath low walls. More commonly used , but a bit more expensive is Wet Pour Rubber Crumb or Crumb Tiles. This is great way to gain a bit more height and have an easily maintained surface. Other surfaces appropriate are washed and rounded Pea Gravel or Wood chip. If you would like to learn more the please go to our Fall Surface Page.

 If you have an idea for a freestanding wall  that you don’t see here in these examples then please share it with us as we will be able to build it for you!

Glasgow Science Centre

Freestanding Indoor Traverse Building

We were headhunted to complete a fantastic project for Glasgow Science Centre for their Urban Sports Theme. Our Plywood building had Bricks CNC’d into the Plywood, which was then painstakingly painted, holds applied and to top it off we had Television Screens in the Windows showing action images of the inside a house. This project really shows how diverse and ‘out of the box’ Dream Climbing Walls can be! Why not take a walk down Dream Street or Dream Avenue….